How to calculate dummy money The difference depends on each player’s score.

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For how to calculate dummy money in each game How much or less you win depends on many factors. But the factor that affects the most 

How to calculate dummy money is the score of each player. for example

  • Knocking out a game where the top 3 players have a positive score while the 4th player has a negative score. will lose a lot of bets
  • In the event that the player who knocked out a dummy card is the only player with a positive score. The remaining 3 players have negative scores. In such a case, the 1st ranked player would receive a huge payout.
  • Knocking a dummy in the event of a “dark knockout” win will receive a score of 2 times plus, while a player who loses a “dark loser” of a dummy will also receive a minus of 2 points.

Therefore, the important criteria for How to calculate dummy money is to count the score of each card that What is the total score? and deducted from the cards that have not been set how many points will be left which in general If the game ends with a positive score There is always a chance to win a prize. But if the game ends with a negative score The chances of losing that money are high.

However, there are dummy card games that end the game with a positive score.

Which still pays the stake to the player who scores first. Because the score difference of first place was huge. สมัคร UFABET

Understand how to charge dummy money Must know how to count the scores of dummy cards first.

that you will be able to understand How to calculate dummy money First of all, you need to understand the score counting of dummy cards first. There are also rules about discarding cards that make you lose more points. Including the occurrence of cards (playing cards) that result in you getting more extra points. For the rules for counting scores, dummy cards are:

  • The spate, consisting of 2♣ and Q♠, is worth 50, which is the most valuable card in the game. and in the case of a head card Spetto cards are doubled worth 100 points.
  • The head card is any card that is reveale first. After all players have dealt cards, it is worth 50 points.
  • Every A’s card is worth 15 points each.
  • All 10 / J / Q / K face cards, except for the spate Q♠, are worth 10 points each.
  • Face cards of numbers 2 – 9, except for the speto 2♣, are worth 5 points each.

When you are able to arrange any suit. Points are awarded according to the points listed above. In the event that you can arrange a dummy card set with spate cards. You will get a lot of extra points. This is the way of playing that most players like to do. Because it will give the opportunity to receive more prize money from How to calculate dummy money. When the card is knocked Or in case you are not a dummy knocker. You will have more points to deduct from the rest of your hand. 

This will reduce the chances of losing bets from How to calculate dummy money

Example of card counting for how to calculate dummy money In the event that you knock out a dummy card and then there are cards that you happen to be as follows: 3♠3♣3♦ has 5 points each, totaling 15 points, Q♠Q♣Q♦ has 10 points each, plus a SP. Grow 50 more points total to 70 points, 8 9 10 10 total 20 points all together gives 105 points and when added to 50 dummy knocking points it becomes 155 points which is the score used in How to calculate dummy money to calculate the compensation for you