Rafael van der Vaart calls for Barcelona ‘mafia’ to be punished over

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Rafael van der Vaart has commented that Barcelona acted as the mafia in Frenkie de Jong’s case and believes the issue will affect the long-term image of the club

. Young is still an issue that must be followed up when “Chao Boon Yok” wants to leave the team. But the news does not want to move

Several news outlets reported that Barca gave an ultimatum for De Jong to leave the team. If you refuse to reduce your wages While the players do not accept both options

, Van der Vaart recently commented that Barca treat De Jong like a mafia

: “You can’t treat people like this,” he told UFABET Sport

. Rongky, taking too much money? First you need to sign a contract. And then you have to stay until the end or separate for good. But it’s not like that. They are the Mafia and should be punished.”

Van der Vaart also views De Jong’s case will affect Barca’s image in the long term,

“it tarnishes Barca’s name,” he added.

“This is a great club and everyone wants to play there. But from now on we may look at them with different eyes. And to me it would be embarrassing to play for them.”