What is Kao Ka, how to play Kao Ka, how to play and how to win?

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Kao Ka is another card game that is very popular to play, especially among friends. used to play at parties Increase the fun of the event and play to place bets in a fun field. Nine cards have a play style that is similar to poker. That combines Pok deng. A game that must always be bet. Which the thing to bet on doesn’t always have to be money, it may be chips or candy or anything to use instead. Nine is a game that requires a certain level of skill to play and requires an understanding of card patterns and The rules are very for anyone who has never known and never played, but wants to play. Today we are going to talk about what Kao Ka is and how to play Kao Ka cards, teach each other in a way that reads, ends, and plays.

What is nine

Kao Ka is a type of card gambling that Thai people also like to play. The general playing style is that only 3 cards are dealt. Nine cards are consider high-risk cards. Because it is a card that can’t be drawn. That is, 3 cards. Are dealt and you can get that one. If luck is good, get good points. ทางเข้า UFABET

Playing nine-kee requires a high degree of flair to lure opponents. And must have a lot of capital to play as well, for example, if there are few points, but dare to risk that you want to win, you have to invest money over competitors to have a chance to win But to invest in Ketub, we have to look at the situation in that eye first. Look at your competitors first, such as facial expressions, gestures, and verbs.

Rules, how to play nine cards

How to play nine cards

The rules of playing these nine cards are no dealer, 1 deck of cards and at least 2-6 players. The pot is played before every play. As it will be funny to yourself how many baht you will lose, the first card payout can be paid to anyone. The next turn, if already the winner The winner card must be dealt as the top leg first. Then always pay the next person to the left.