“ETH” tells them not to hope for the league championship next season.

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Manchester United fans on social media were disappoint with the latest interview of the manager of the team, Erik ten Hag, because the 2024-25 season hasn’t even started yet and he said he gave up on hoping for the English Premier League title, seeing the leader’s attitude like this. It is difficult to make the organization prosper.

United lost the English Premier League title since the 2012-13 season, when former team manager Sir Alex Ferguson washed his hands in a basin of gold. UFABET As time has pass, it has now been absent for 11 seasons, so many believe that it may be successfully unlock in the next year. 

But here the 53-year-old coach is fighting to extinguish the dreams of the Red Army, a beautiful world, saying that it must be based on reality because just hoping for the top 4 in the 2024-25 season is still tiring.

It made the disciples’ voices crackle. Some agree with the Dutch coach that everything must be done gradually. 

But most are disappoint with the vision of ‘ETH’ and are ready to curse the heart of a fish like this to not sit in the chair anymore because for the ‘Red Devils’ they play only for the championship. Not just the Champions League quota.

“This season is still exciting. (Top Four Stories)” Opening their mouths at the press conference before meeting Burnley (27 Apr.)

“Seriously, if our strength is ready. Of course, I’m ready to challenge for the top four in the English Premier League. I’m sure of that.” 

“At the same time, we also have to look at the team that will attack the area. It’s not just two horses anymore, there’s Aston Villa, Spurs, Newcastle, a lot of good teams, 6-7 teams that have potential.” 

“Let’s not forget Chelsea again – all of the above can fight for the top four. And we are one of them.” 

“At this moment we are not a team that will take No. 1, No. 2, that is the truth. But the team has the potential to open that window.” 

Ten Hag contract still runs until 2024-25. But social media fans are pushing for Ineos Sports. The club’s management group, to give the Dutch manager a failing grade at the end of the season. Will be able to find a solution to appoint a manager of a new team. With the name Thomas Tuchel being the first choice.