Techniques of play card, how to play to win

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For today we have something good to leave your friends, gamblers as always. Anyone who likes to play card games, gamble , and play cards in various forms, must have heard of playing Thai card games, which today we have techniques for playing card games for friends to know how to play in order to be able to win. A simple game that may accidentally help us have more money in the bottom of our wallet. Use it to help pay for electricity bills in the next month and month that the bill is skyrocketing. Can’t stop, won’t go back already. สมัคร UFABET

Card rules, how to play, techniques, card tricks, easy here

Before introducing the card technique to friends. First let’s get acquainted with General rules of playing of Thai Kang cards.
Playing cards will use 1 deck of cards as playing equipment. There are 2-6 players. Playing cards are decide base on the counting of the card points in the hand. Each card has a different value, with A having the lowest value 1, followed by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. For JQK, the value is 10. In addition, There is also a vocabulary. That is use in playing cards in particular. Which will be explain in the next section one by one.

Start playing by dealing cards to all players until 5 cards each. First being dealt to the dealer or the winner of the previous game. And deal counter-clockwise cards to the next player. 

When the cards are complete, if someone gets a special card in the first turn can win the game Because it is a special rule of Thai card, if there is no special card The dealer draws 1 card from the pot and discards 1 card to the next player. For discarding cards, if there are pairs of cards. Pairs can be discard. And the principle is to discard the card with the highest point. 

To make the cards in the hand have a low point after discarding them. If the next player has the same face card Can discard that card and follow it down. No need to draw cards which is call flow or accordingly, if there are no identical cards. The cards must be drawn first. And then can choose to discard the cards The play will continue like this until one player is confident that his card has the lowest point. 

Can call “Kang” to ask to win the game. But if the check card is open. it is not the person with the lowest points. It will be consider defeat. have to pay around the circle

It can be seen that actually. Playing cards is not difficult at all. The rules are not complicate. Can be play easily for all ages. It is a fun card game. can easily win. Which if friends want to play with a real investment. Today we will teach you card techniques. That can be easily practiced accordingly.